We invite you to come along to one of our Events. To identify and work with wild and garden herbs. You will gain the confidence to use trees and plants as therapeutic compounds for yourselves. we offer a variety of bespoke events and can also tailor events to your specific requirements on request.

Each Event will focus on a selection of key relevant herbs which all have varying uses, from boosting energy and vitality to promoting sleep and relaxation. You will be amazed at the wealth and potential of plant material available locally. During the course of our Events we introduce you to various herbal preparations. We will be delighted to share some remedy making tips and tricks for preparations such as herbal tea infusions, healing tonics and unguent balms. You will also discover scents and aromas which excite the olfactory senses through both natural herbal skin products and home cleansers.

The Herbers passionately cultivate their own organic, herb physic gardens and the harvested produce is integrated within all event and remedy preparations. They will be pleased to share their experience and enthusiasm for growing with you.

The Events are available in the following formats:

Walking workshops


The Walking Workshops present an opportunity to explore the local landscape and to enjoy preparing a herbal remedy outdoors at the pop-up Herber Camp.

The guided circular walks are themed and seasonally informative, drawing on the trees, plants, seaweed, fungi and lichen as appropriate. During the walk, we identify local herbs which form part of the herbal remedy created back at the camp area. This is often an outdoor space where we taste and experiment with wildcrafted remedies before continuing along our route.

As a standard guideline, these events will be evenly spread between walking and practical preparations and tastings, and will include relaxing and enjoying lunch together. We all meet at a designated area close to parking facilities and your walk leaders begin by describing the route and introducing some of the herbs which will be the focus for the day.


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Enter a world of practical and absorbing experimentation with plants and their healing compounds. We offer a variety of workshops on a regular basis.

Prepare and take home recipes and remedies for use with family and friends. From floral waters through lip balms to chocolate remedies. All equipment and ingredients will be provided and the emphasis will be on the methods, application, understanding and discussion of the properties of the herbs being used. The Herber focus is always about the enjoyment and celebration of the magical potential of herbs and their use in our everyday lives with an ethos of considered consumption.

Herbal Walks

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We introduce you to the intriguing and enthralling world of medicinal plants that are available within your locality.

This event involves a gentle meander exploring herbal plantlife within a thoroughly researched, designated area. We will all take the time to really observe the herbs discovered and help you to identify and understand their unique contribution to any herbal portfolio.

Herber-made, natural tasters will be offered along the route.

Talks & Tasters


A one hour introduction to the potential of herbal life growing both on your doorstep and in the garden, for use in everyday remedy making and identification.

Samplings of natural Herber-made remedies such as hedgerow tonic, herb teas, and wild berry syrups, will be offered to enrich the talk. We will also provide a more in-depth view of our work and a good indication of how you can book with us for Future events – both organised and bespoke .

Upcoming Workshops

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